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Wired Alarms

wired alarm system

Cost effective protection 

Panther Alarms consult, design, install and service a wide range of wired intruder systems for Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications. Our engineers have many years of knowledge and experience with all makes and types of wired systems.

Significant savings can be made if your premises are pre wired, one of our engineers can survey an existing system and report its current level of protection and the cost of upgrading it.

Our systems can be integrated with addtional wireless devices, expanding the range of protection without wiring. Safety devices such as Heat, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors can be integrated too. All of these can be monitored via your smart phone or by a 24/7 monitoring station.

Wire into existing sensors

No need rip existing sensors out and recable, any exisiting protection can be hard wired into our hybrid systems, giving you the ability to add extra wireless protection at any time. The system can then be linked to the HKC Secruecomm app giving you full control and real time notifications from your mobile device anywhere in the world.


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