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access control systems

Complete control over entry/exit

Access control systems are an essential part of commercial security systems. With access control, you can effectively keep your building safe and secure, by controlling the movement of people in and out of the building. You can as well set the criteria for the people that are allowed to access the building, or sensitive areas within the building.

Access control can be broken down into three core elements. Essentially, these distinct elements define how the access control systems work.

  • Identification: The main aim of an access control system is to protect your building from unauthorized access, and control the movement of people within. For this reason, the system must enable you to determine the identity of any individual entering the building, or accessing any of the secure areas within the building. 

  • Authentication: After the system has identified an individual, it is imperative that his/her identity is authenticated to ensure that only the right persons are granted access. You can achieve authentication using a variety of methods including passwords, encryption keys, smartcards, and fingerprints.

  • Authorization: With successful authentication, building access control systems are able to grant individuals, access to the building or other restricted areas, based on the set criteria.

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