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Heat, Smoke & CO Detectors

smoke heat CO detectors hkc

Integrated protection 

The most devastating thing that can happen to you would be that you are sleeping and somewhere in the house a fire starts. Did you know that when you sleep your sense of smell is disabled? And only your ears are working for a bit. A smoke or heat detector will do that job for you, it will detect the smoke and sound your alarm system as well as beeping itself.

CO (Carbon Monoxide) is the most dangerous; it has no odor and no color. When you have a stove and the ventilation is not working right, CO will fill your room from the floor to ceiling and you will unknowingly be breathing in the lethal fumes.

The first signs are that you become sleepy. The more you breathe in, the more oxygen in your blood is saturated with CO until you finally stop breathing. This tragedy can be prevented with carbon monoxide detectors to warn you of the presence of CO long before it becomes a danger to you or your family.

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