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fire alarm systems

Protect your property & staff

All business owners, no matter which industry sector they work in, need to be aware of the fire risks within the workplace.  As any fire department will advise you, in a fire emergency, a few seconds could save lives.

As a result, organisations should be aware of their fire risks within their working environment and take appropriate steps to prevent fires as well as installing systems to alert personnel if a fire event occurs.  The aim is to keep your staff and your property safe.

A fire detection system is designed to sense smoke, excessive heat or fire and provide an alert for a particular area of the building. The type of fire alarm system needed depends on the age of the building and the layout of the structure.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland sets out the Irish Standards Specification for installing fire safety systems in a premises.  

Business owners must ensure that all systems that they install, meet these specifications and that each system is installed correctly.

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